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Rare Vitamix Sale! Perfect for Christmas!

Hi! I just received word yesterday that Vitamix is running a very rare sale through December 2nd, which drops the prices by up to $30!  The sale is on reconditioned machines, which is a great value for those of you who have wanted to take the plunge, but may have been wavering on the price [...]
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Hello There – Remember Me?

Hello All!  First off, let me just say thank you to everyone who has told me that they miss my blog.  It is so nice to hear, and the encouragement to start again has finally gotten to me.  There is one “fan” in particular that has inspired me to start again.  She has gently nudged [...]
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Nature’s Security System – Your Gut

We talk a lot about our guts in our family.  In this instance, I’m not talking about probiotics or food allergies, but the God-given gift of gut instinct.  One of the issues that comes with raising obedient children is teaching them who deserves that obedience, and who will manipulate it for their own advantage.  So, [...]
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O to the M to the G!!!

Happy Spring! It’s been really hard for me to find the time to blog lately with other writing projects/meetings and Spring Break, but I had to make some time to share this amazing new love in my life – something that many of our mothers and grandmothers took religiously as children!
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No Can Doosville, Baby Doll

I love ‘How I Met Your Mother’.  Dave and I were watching an old episode the other night that has resulted in an unfortunate nickname for me.  On it, they were watching a cheesy movie in which the awful main character kept using the line “No Can Doosville, Baby Doll”, anytime he didn’t want to [...]
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So Snooki’s Pregnant . . .

I will not use this blog to write something negative, so congrats, future PTA Mom, Snooki!  I read that she said she’d like to “pop” four or five kids out and it got me thinking (yes, many of you are thinking about the G-8 Summit, but I’ve got my eye on Snooki’s uterus).  First I thought [...]
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Basic Instinct

I think I am lacking some basic mothering instinct. I can detect food-related issues from 20 feet away, but some of the most OBVIOUS problems are just beyond the scope of my radar.
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Easy Side for your Lunch

This is so easy.  I found it a few months ago on my new BFF, pinterest.  It’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” things.
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Mickey, Mickey, You’re so Fine-ish

Four months ago, we got a rescue dog, a cute Cavalier that we named Mickey.  He also answers to Mick-a-lick, Sir Micks-a-Lot, and The Mickster, in case you were wondering.  We’ve had a very up and down time with him, until a few weeks ago.
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Have you Seen an Orange in Person?

A few months ago, I attended a talk given by a woman who teaches healthy eating to school children.  It was cool to hear some new ideas, as well as reinforcement of the lessons I’ve been trying to teach my girls.  I took a lot away that day, but one thing in particular seems to [...]
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