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Hello There – Remember Me?

Hello All!  First off, let me just say thank you to everyone who has told me that they miss my blog.  It is so nice to hear, and the encouragement to start again has finally gotten to me.  There is one “fan” in particular that has inspired me to start again.  She has gently nudged [...]
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So Snooki’s Pregnant . . .

I will not use this blog to write something negative, so congrats, future PTA Mom, Snooki!  I read that she said she’d like to “pop” four or five kids out and it got me thinking (yes, many of you are thinking about the G-8 Summit, but I’ve got my eye on Snooki’s uterus).  First I thought [...]
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Life is Fragile-Don’t Hold it So Tightly

Well . . . yeah it is.  Kind of obvious, I know, but I’m not talking about the ‘here one minute gone the next’ type of fragility.
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