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O to the M to the G!!!

Happy Spring! It’s been really hard for me to find the time to blog lately with other writing projects/meetings and Spring Break, but I had to make some time to share this amazing new love in my life – something that many of our mothers and grandmothers took religiously as children!
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Honey on Your Face – the Saga Continues

Hello, hello!  We’ve been sick and our basement flooded, but things are on the up and up now, so I thought I’d check in with a topic that I get asked about a lot – washing my face with natural products.
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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I just finished watching a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”.  It was fascinating.  The main person in the movie suffers from the same hives as I did, but it took him nine YEARS to figure out it was caused by food.  And he was incredibly wealthy and saw a million doctors who couldn’t [...]
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Detox Method-Thousands of Years Old

You know how I loves me some old school natural remedies, and this one is about as old school as it gets!  It’s been practiced in India for thousands of years, but has only recently gained popularity in the United States.  It’s called oil pulling, and it’s a method of detoxing the body through the [...]
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I’m Cookoo for Coconuts!

Hi Everyone!  I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  Ours ended with the perfect barbecue to kick off the summer!  The girls were filthy when we got home and so the tub took a pretty awful beating.  The collateral damage still awaits me as I sit here avoiding it. I’d like to take [...]
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Natural Anti-Aging/Detox Skin Routine

This is yet another routine that I started when my body was FREAKING out (see Bridget’s Story for the gory details).  I’ve continued to do it daily because I believe in the theory behind it.
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A Stinky Problem

It is my humble opinion that anti-perspirant has the potential to be the cigarettes of our time.  You know, like back in the day when people didn’t know that cigarettes were bad for you?  We look back and say – really?  You had no idea that inhaling all that junk was causing lung and other [...]
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Vitamix – Where it All Began

We knew they weren’t made of rainbows and fairy dust, but this seems like a bit much, even for them . . .
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Sweet Relief for Blemishes & Wounds

I LOVE this stuff.  So much.  It just makes so much sense, it works, and you just KNOW you’re doing something good for your body.
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You Wash your Face with What?!

That is usually the exact response I get after I answer someone’s question as to what I use on my face if most traditional cleansers are so ‘bad’. As a civilization, we haven’t always had chemicals at our disposal to take care of our skin.  So, we used what was available at the given time. [...]
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