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Rare Vitamix Sale! Perfect for Christmas!

Hi! I just received word yesterday that Vitamix is running a very rare sale through December 2nd, which drops the prices by up to $30!  The sale is on reconditioned machines, which is a great value for those of you who have wanted to take the plunge, but may have been wavering on the price [...]
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Hello There – Remember Me?

Hello All!  First off, let me just say thank you to everyone who has told me that they miss my blog.  It is so nice to hear, and the encouragement to start again has finally gotten to me.  There is one “fan” in particular that has inspired me to start again.  She has gently nudged [...]
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Mickey, Mickey, You’re so Fine-ish

Four months ago, we got a rescue dog, a cute Cavalier that we named Mickey.  He also answers to Mick-a-lick, Sir Micks-a-Lot, and The Mickster, in case you were wondering.  We’ve had a very up and down time with him, until a few weeks ago.
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Move Over, David Hasselhoff, Germany has a New Darling!

Seeing as I am still in my first year of blogging, there is soooo much I still need to learn.  So, I decided to start poking around at the information my plugins can gather about my readers, specifically their home country.  I could not believe the information I was given, and I think you may [...]
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What do you have “Too Many Kids” to Ever do Again?

About 6 months ago, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with our basement being out of commission, everything out of place, and just having too many jobs to do.  I had the girls doing their Saturday jobs, just like I did growing up (I still hate Saturday mornings because of it), but it just wasn’t enough. [...]
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Saving on “Natural” Decor

I’ve fallen into some websites . . . and I can’t get up!
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Finishing Our Summer List!

I’ve been in a learning frenzy the past few days.  I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on, and hopefully I’ll have some useful information for you in the coming days.  It all started last week when I looked at our summer “Fun Things to Do List” and saw that there were a [...]
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Q&A From Your Recent Emails

Thanks so much for emailing questions – it’s a nice break from coming up with topics! Over the past few days I’ve gotten a few emails that I have not been able to answer, so I figured I do it here, for all to see.  If I forget any, please let me know!
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Fun New Website

I happened upon a new website yesterday, and I just love it.
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I don’t typically buy organic produce. That seems so against type, doesn’t it?
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