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No Can Doosville, Baby Doll

I love ‘How I Met Your Mother’.  Dave and I were watching an old episode the other night that has resulted in an unfortunate nickname for me.  On it, they were watching a cheesy movie in which the awful main character kept using the line “No Can Doosville, Baby Doll”, anytime he didn’t want to [...]
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So Snooki’s Pregnant . . .

I will not use this blog to write something negative, so congrats, future PTA Mom, Snooki!  I read that she said she’d like to “pop” four or five kids out and it got me thinking (yes, many of you are thinking about the G-8 Summit, but I’ve got my eye on Snooki’s uterus).  First I thought [...]
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Basic Instinct

I think I am lacking some basic mothering instinct. I can detect food-related issues from 20 feet away, but some of the most OBVIOUS problems are just beyond the scope of my radar.
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