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O to the M to the G!!!

Happy Spring! It’s been really hard for me to find the time to blog lately with other writing projects/meetings and Spring Break, but I had to make some time to share this amazing new love in my life – something that many of our mothers and grandmothers took religiously as children!

About two weeks ago, I started consuming Cod Liver Oil and nearly every day I discover a new way that it is helping me!  I have read about it for years, and what an amazing source of Omega 3s/Vitamin D/Vitamin A it is, how it helps build our immune system, supports strong bones, aids in proper elimination of waste, and provides glowing skin and shiny hair.  It also improves your mood.  I believe the only thing it does not do is prepare your taxes, but I could be mistaken.  But, it comes from the liver of cod (take a minute and let that soak in), so I definitely let the idea percolate for a substantial amount of time before I could gear up to try it.  Finally, I decided to go talk to my vitamin guy, and get his opinion.  I had done a lot of research on the brand I wanted, and it turns out, it’s the only one he carries.  I wanted to get it in capsule form, but he said I’d have to take a ton of capsules to get the same efficacy as one teaspoon of the oil directly.  So, he hit me in the pocketbook, and suggested I just try the trial size, probably because I was making such a horrible face just picturing swallowing oil.

I took a teaspoon the following morning after breakfast, and it was not bad at all.  It has natural lemon flavor added to it, so that makes it palatable.  It is not particularly thick, and the aftertaste reminds me of the milk leftover in your cereal bowl after having Trix cereal.  Very specific, I know, but that’s how my mind works.  I was expecting to gag, or to force it down, but it actually is quite pleasant.  In the website I will direct you to, there are hundreds of reviews about how amazing/not bad it is, and that even kids like it.

The next morning when I was waking up, I touched my face when I rubbed my eyes and my cheeks felt really soft.  It didn’t occur to me until later in the day that it might be the oil.  The next day, my skin was softer still.  The next day, I noticed the pores on my cheeks were shrinking before my eyes.  They had always bothered me, and I couldn’t believe that this magic potion was ridding me of them!  My sleep also improved a lot.  I had been having some trouble waking up during the night, and I was suddenly sleeping soundly (10 hours)!  After each one of these changes, I would google them along with ‘cod liver oil’, and sure enough, it was the cause.  Regarding my pores, cod liver oil calms over-active sebaceous glands, so it really helps with skin clarity.  I could go on, but in the interest of brevity, let me just say that it has helped my ENTIRE body.

At this same time, I had to take Belle to see a tummy doc, because she’s been having awful pain for about 3 months.  Every blood test came back normal, and her tummy always feels super soft (no constipation) to her docs.  This doctor thought she might be having tummy spasms, and prescribed an anti-spasmodic for her to take.  I wasn’t too happy that a possible side effect was constipation, and I really hate medicating the girls unless it is absolutely necessary.  So, I told her about how cod liver oil had been helping me, and asked if she thought it could help Belle.  She very honestly replied that the effects I was experiencing sounded amazing, but they are just not taught any treatments besides prescriptions, so she couldn’t give me an educated opinion.  I appreciated her honesty, and decided I would give Belle two weeks for the oil to do something, and then I would try the prescription.  After THREE MONTHS of daily, doubled over tummy pain, it stopped the day after she tried the oil.  I kid you not.  How could this be?  Perhaps she was deficient in one of the vitamins it provides?  Perhaps her digestive system needed a little lubrication, I don’t know.  Her neurologist actually called today to check on her because when Belle was there a little over a month ago, she was in so much pain that the doctor ran every blood test she could think of to try and crack the case, to no avail.  When I told her how the story unfolded, I said that it was either the oil or a coincidence, she said “that does not sound like a coincidence to me!”

The Omega 3s in cod liver oil help to reduce inflammation in your body.  A read a little tip a while back that said an easy test of your body’s inflammatory response is how it reacts to paper cuts.  If it swells up, gets really red, and takes a long time to heal, you may have a problem with inflammation.  Dave has been joking with me for years that he swears a paper cut will literally be the death of me at some point.  Apparently, I am quite the paper pusher because I get them all the time, and they look just horrible.  I got one this morning, though, and you can barely see it, and it doesn’t sting like they usually do.  Isn’t that cool?  ”Local Mother’s Papercut Heals Quickly – Story at Ten!”  I know it’s not curing cancer, but I still think it’s indicative of moving in the direction of a calmer, healthier body.  Oh, and cod liver oil is purported to pervent certain cancers, as well, so there!

Since cod liver oil is such an amazing source of Vitamins D and A, you actually have to make sure you are not getting too much.  Taking too much can result in toxicity, and that does not sound good, does it?  I stopped taking my multivitamin, and no longer give one to the girls, either.  Cod liver oil has been used for centuries as a supplement, so I’m going to just stick with that.

So, where to get it, right?  One of my favorite sources of vitamins is Vitacost .  I’ve found them to have the best prices, they ship quickly, and it gets even better – when you go through my link, you will get $10 for your first purchase, and I’ll get $10 for my next one.  Nice, huh?!  So, when you go through the link, just type “Carlson Cod Liver Oil” in the search bar.  Make sure to try the lemon flavor – that’s the only kind I’m vouching for, but they also carry the softgels for you lightweights ;) !


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  1. Mike
    Posted April 2, 2012 at 3:09 pm | Permalink

    Just don’t take too much. Cod Liver Oil, as you said, comes from the liver as opposed to Fish Oils which come from the flesh of fish…
    The liver, in fish and humans, is used to filter things from the body. So, you run the risk of it having more contaminents…
    Also – loaded with Vitamin D – but too much of that can also cause nausea, constipation etc.

    Mike knows of all things Liver! :)

    • admin
      Posted April 2, 2012 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

      I would definitely defer to you in all things liver! I liked this brand because it is processed to remove any contaminants. I agree thst it is SO important to not overload on Vit D – I might lower our dose when it’s sunny out. Thanks for reading, Mike!

  2. Cassie O'Connor
    Posted April 2, 2012 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    Can you add it to a drink?? No, not that kind of drink…. but maybe a morning smoothie? And, how would you know you are taking too much? Are there signs to watch out for?

    • admin
      Posted April 2, 2012 at 6:15 pm | Permalink

      Some people add it to water or lemonade, since it has a lemony taste. Even the girls take it straight, though, and they like the aftertaste. Every source you check gives a different dosage amount, and you have to factor in if you are getting Vitamins D & A from another source, too. For me, a teaspoon/day is working well.

  3. Carolyn
    Posted April 3, 2012 at 12:50 pm | Permalink

    I just ordered it. I’m pretty excited for all of us to try it. I think every member of our family can benefit. Thanks for the review!

    • admin
      Posted April 3, 2012 at 1:27 pm | Permalink

      I’m so glad! I hope it cures what ails ya! Thanks for reading!

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