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Hello There – Remember Me?

Hello All!  First off, let me just say thank you to everyone who has told me that they miss my blog.  It is so nice to hear, and the encouragement to start again has finally gotten to me.  There is one “fan” in particular that has inspired me to start again.  She has gently nudged me for months, and then came up to me yesterday and said, “Mom, I just read everything you ever wrote on your blog and I just love it.  Will you please start again?”  How do you say no to that?

Writing everyday got to be too much.  Once I had unloaded everything from my head about our health journey, I really felt like I had purged some necessary demons and it was time for a new project.  I’ve done a lot in my absence including redecorating, remodeling and going back to work part-time.  As we speak, some of that remodeling is being torn down now to determine the source of a leak in our basement that pours water into our new space every time a cloud develops in the sky, but I digress. So, in an effort to keep it new and exciting for myself, I will write when I have something I’d like to share, instead of imposing deadlines on myself.  I think I will broaden my range of topics, as well, which I think will make it easier for me and more interesting for you.  Sound good?  Probably some more posts about the fam, daily life, books I’m enjoying, etc.


Our "beautiful" new basement, torn up to find the world's most irritating leak.

Our “beautiful” new basement, torn up to find the world’s most irritating leak.

For those of you who have purchased a Vitamix from me, thank you so much!  Especially lately.  Sales have increased a bit (maybe due to people wanting to eat healthier, fresher in the summer), even though my ads had issues that needed to be corrected.  Bad blogger!  Bad!  So, thank you for copying and pasting my promo code into the Vitamix site after heading there on your own, like a caveman.  Your purchases and questions are always appreciated and welcomed.  I hope you are enjoying this investment into your health, and that you get as much use out of it as we do.  There was a line at ours this morning, I kid you not!

So, for this first post back, I think it’s only fitting to talk a bit about my Number #1 fan, Kathleen.  She is a voracious reader/writer who loves the written word from the depths of her soul.  Like her Mama, she is usually reading a few different books at once, and loves talking about them.  Finding a typo in a published piece causes her to squeal with delight.  Yesterday she saw that the word ‘city’ was written as ‘gity’.  It was like Mardi Gras in our house.  It’s making me wonder right now how many typos there are in this piece.  I’m sure I’ll find out shortly.  Anyway, Kath was fortunate enough to have a teacher this year that really loved and encouraged her writing.  When Kath told her that she thinks she would like to pursue journalism, she suggested a local university that has an excellent program.  So, we are going to check it out so that she can put a mental image to her goal, and have a fun little field trip out of it.  She is so excited, I can’t even tell you.    I just love the wide open days of summer that allow us to have these little adventures.  I also love teachers that take the time to talk to a little girl about her passions and open the world up to her.

The girls are always suggesting that I blog about new recipes we’ve tried and loved.  I would love any questions/suggestions that you have, as well, on any topic.

Thanks again for your continued interest and support!

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