dave's story

Dave is nowhere near the train wreck that I was, so I’m going to be able to keep his story short and sweet.  I hope.  It turns out that I’m pretty long-winded!

I have known my husband for twelve years.  In an interest to keep things classy, let’s just say that in that time, he’s always had stomach “issues”.  He also sweats like he’s going before a firing squad.  In fact, when we were first married, I used to joke that he suffered from night terrors because he actually had to sleep on a towel, he would sweat that much.

So, when I found out about my food allergies I thought he had even more symptoms than me, so I suggested that he get tested, too.  It’s pretty expensive, so, it took a few “suggestions”, but he finally did it.  Well, it turns out that he had even more allergies than I do.  Within two weeks of avoiding these foods (dairy, gluten, beef, peanuts, and the list goes on), his body worked SO much better, and he completely stopped sweating.  Dr. Hauser explained that eating foods you’re allergic to causes inflammation, which can cause perspiration, so this all made a lot of sense.

Oh, and he lost 35 pounds in two months.  Not too shabby for Dave!